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Adult Ministry
 Adult Sunday School  |  9:45 am
Sunday School is an hour set aside before our main service that is used to teach and discuss relevant bible topics in depth.  The truth of the bible is presented in a practical way and is open for discussion and questions.  We currently have 3 adult Sunday School classes.  The personal interaction and practical application makes these exciting and engaging class times.  Sunday School is also a great time to get to know our church family better and make friends.
Home Builder’s Class
God has much to say about living right, establishing the home, and how to raise our kids.  Through getting involved and engaging in this ministry, you’ll strengthen both your faith and your family.  E-mail Pastor Curry for details.
Ladies Bible Study
A handful of ladies get together each Thursday from 9:30 am to 11:00 am to talk about the Word of God and to encourage each other in their daily lives.  Our Ladies Bible Study is back up and running as of this past September and they meet together here at the church each Thursday.
The Bible is clear when it talks about the wisdom that comes with age, and we highly value our beloved older generation here at OCBC.  Each month, there is a Senior’s Luncheon at the Old Country Buffet in Puyallup, and it’s always a great time of fellowship and fun.