AWANA is a kid’s program that meets each Wednesday night from 6-7:30pm (September-May). Each club includes three segments that provide a start-to-finish adventure in every club meeting!
Game Time includes high-energy games featuring individual and team competition
Handbook Time uses achievement-oriented, age-appropriate curriculum that emphasizes memorization and understanding of key Bible verses. Clubbers work toward earning special awards at the end of the Awana year in May.
Lesson Time features singing, announcements of upcoming events, and a Bible lesson from God’s Word.

CUBBIES (PRESCHOOL) – **Space Limited

Cubbies nurtures the budding faith of preschoolers and celebrates their desire to explore all that God has created. This two year preschool ministry curriculum features exciting games, storytelling, puppet shows, and biblical teaching as well as take-home activities and tools.


Sparks ignites a child’s curiosity about the people and events of the Bible, building a foundation of wisdom for knowing Christ. This three year early elementary school ministry curriculum features exciting games, engaging activities, biblical teaching and media resources for kids and leaders.


T&T explores the concept of grace by focusing on the character and nature of God, identity of Christ, as well as the structure and format of the Bible. This four year upper elementary school ministry curriculum is created to ensure that kids and leaders connect through God’s Word.


Trek helps students to dive deep into the Scriptures and answer the tough questions about who they are and why they are here. This three year middle school curriculum features Biblically rich content, engaging interactions and practical application for their lives.